Friday, April 29, 2011

Here's a bit of an update on new publications. It seems that I have periods when I publish a lot of stuff and then others when I don't have anything published. But I'm also submitting works in batches, so to speak, because I can only afford to write when I'm between projects at work.

The story, To Love or Be Haunted, a runner up in the Cinnamon Press competition and already published in their anthology Storm at Galesburg and other stories, was supposed to be re-published by Cantaraville in January but the chief editor fell ill and is in hospital. I wish him a quick and full recovery.

At the end of July, three of my poems, Forever, New Dimensions, and Thick Shades, will appear in Eunoia Review.

In late May, the collaborative work that I worked on with Catherine Lodoen for BluePrintReview will appear on the journal's blog. It was supposed to appear in BPR, but due to another lost email the submission got stuck in cyber space and didn't reach its destination in time. ;)

A photo of mine that I took in my hometown this past weekend will accompany one of Cathrine's poems in a future issue of the Kindred Spirit magazine.

For other published works, check this list.

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