Monday, June 22, 2009

Why can't I win the lottery?

Now that I've made the decision about the project I want to do for my Online Writing class, and pretty much planned its execution and layout, I'm stuck.

Not that I don't have ideas about the story, I'm stuck when it comes to the website design. I want it to be chic, yet minimalist and straightforward so that the story will be at its focus, but I don't think I'm capable of actually designing it. I should choose a color scheme to use (at first I wanted it to be Black&White, but now I think that would be too boring), and then adapt everything to it. *sigh* If only I knew what I was doing.

Maybe I'll get some ideas here.

Other than that, I've been busy. In July, a poem and two photos of mine will be published in BluePrintReview. This week, a poem, Favorite Word, is featured in Foundling Review (link to the right). The same magazine will publish another one of my poems soon. And I'm working on another fun interview for All Things Girl.

Apart from that I'm also looking for a new job. This one doesn't pay enough (or at all, occasionally). But seeing how we're in the middle of a recession, I might have to be patient for a while longer. I'd love to keep translating novels, but there's no money in the business, so I'll probably have to return back to technical texts. Which is a shame, really.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Spring is usually a time of freshness, new beginnings, burgeoning nature and budding ideas. Well, the spring in this sense has been pretty much nonexistent for me this year. I’ve been working on so many projects that even a coffee break was usually accompanied with answering urgent e-mails, researching on the net or simply skipping the word break and only gobbling down coffee while working.

In desperate need of new beginnings and some freshness, here I am, starting two new units at Swinburne: Script Adaptation and Online Writing. While Online writing didn’t sound too promising from its description – after all, aren’t we all very aware of and well informed about online writing? – it turned out to be quite different than expected and I’m truly excited about it, particularly about the final project (more on that later).

Script Adaptation, on the other hand, is the unit I’ve been really looking forward to because I’m interested in script writing and the whole process of making films and TV shows (see my Sera Gamble interview).

As it turned out, these two units go great hand in hand as I discovered I could use techniques taught in SA to create my project for OW! The word of the day is: STORYBOARDING! My project will essentially be a short story told in a slightly unconventional way – on a website. To design the website and plan the development of the story I will use storyboards, and this is where the two units at Swinburne converge. Smart, eh?

For examples of far better and more visually appealing storyboards check out this blog.